12.11 2019
Image How to find inner peace during rough times?

How to find inner peace during rough times?

Individual peace

Often, we are confronted with a torment that affects us internally. When going through a hard time, each person it can seem natural to be unable to feel peace. Why then? There are different factors we need to take a close look at and then eradicated. To find this inner peace at every situation, we will offer you some solutions that may be useful.

Prem Rawat through his life experience can help you find serenity even in turmoil and therefore, achieve inner peace.

How will one find inner peace during a difficult time?

Confiding to someone If you do not have inner peace, it is probably due to emptional instability. This can include: 

  • Anger, 
  • Hatred, 
  • Grudge, 
  • Contempt, 
  • Fear, 
  • Stress, 
  • Anxiety

Not to mention all the other feelings that can invade you and prevent you from feeling good. The best way to solve this is to share the weight that load you with an attentive person who will guide you. For Christians, confession is the way to set oneself free from the burden. Someone who is close to you in heart will be the right choice.

Moreover, during the sharing sessions at the Prem Rawat Foundation, the members will always listen to everyone's issues. They help them overcome the difficult period and find inner peace.

Settling disputes

To have inner peace, there is nothing better than to return to the sources of torment. Maybe you do not feel comfortable because you have been in conflict with someone; or you have not been in good terms with someone you are supposed to be.

Relationships are meant to make you feel good, so if things do not happen so, it is better to settle the disagreement for you to recover your inner peace. The more you hold grudges against someone, the more negative feelings will emerge. Inner peace and peace with others are closely linked. So, they always go hand in hand. But be careful, you must settle disputes the right way, so as not to generate a surplus of conflicts.

Finding comfort

In particular, external comfort may not be sufficient to bring inner peace. Indeed, the latter is the harmony of your mind with your feelings and your body. The solution may be yourself. For this you can indulge in a series of meditations. The harmony that will reign in you will bring the peace and calm that you log for.

The benefit of inner comfort? Your own person will not be offended; it will just awake your consciousness. You will be judged only by yourself and you will not be hurt.

Satisfying oneself

Remember to give yourself a treat: do things that please you, entertain yourself. Inner peace does not always mean a calm environment, but an environment that puts you at ease. It can be gym, cooking, art and more, it's up to you. You may do it on your own or with someone you get along with.

Good moments that are shared mark the spirits and last longer. It is not easy to find inner peace, but it is always feasible. Harmony with oneself and one's surroundings is the primary factor that will lead to that.