13.11 2019
Image Solutions to learn how to manage emotions

Solutions to learn how to manage emotions

Managing emotions

Anyone can at some point be in the grip of his emotions. To put it simply, emotion refers to a psychological and behavioral response generated by a factor inside or outside the person.

In his quest for peace, whether internal or external, Prem Rawat is a well-known spiritual predator especially in stress and emotion management. Knowing how to control your emotions is important to avoid altering your self-confidence. Here are some effective techniques to learn how to manage your emotions.

What is an emotion?

Emotions can be defined as a physiological reaction at the level of the human body to an external situation or event that creates a thought. Such thoughts trigger the emotions. Its vivacity, its power and its importance are linked with the experience of each one. They can appear in various forms, for example: 

  • In the face of shock, we trigger fear; 
  • Then the body challenges its resources to protect itself from frustration and anger; 
  • And finally, places to the sadness that relates the regret, in response to the lack.

In fact, emotion is a normal reaction of the body that proves that you are in good health. This reaction can be different from a person to another. In other words, faced with the same situation, two people will have their own way to embrace it and will not necessarily feel the same emotions.

Identify and recognize emotions to better manage them

The first step to better control your feelings is above all to learn how to identify and recognize them. Many studies conducted by psychologists and inner peace practitioners such as Prem Rawat, have detected in us the following main reactions: joy, fear, anger, grief, surprise, disgust and guilt .

For example, if your employer announces to you out of the blue that you will be moved somewhere else, it may cause you a sudden headache. This reaction is the manifestation of fear, fear of the unknown, fear of leaving your comfort zone, fear of not being able to cope, etc. The goal is to assimilate the signals returned by your body and your mind and to be aware of it. That's when you can better focus and control your emotions.

Adopt Zen Attitude: a great way to control yourself

Zen behavior involves having a balanced and neutral mental position regardless of the situation. For example, if someone insults you, they expect you to counterattack. But you remain calm, with no signs of anger, no frustration. In some cases, this person will panic about your inaction.

As a result, either she will continue because she may think what she has done is not strong enough to trouble you; or she will stop because you manage to remain unruffled. Zen attitude is therefore highly recommended for those who wish to manage their emotions and get the best of any situation.

Practice autosuggestion to channel emotions

Autosuggestion is a therapeutic technique that has become very popular. To understand how to control your emotions by using autosuggestion, use or create words that you repeat to yourself.

For example, when you are sad because of a misunderstanding with someone you like, repeat, "the sun will rise again after the night". It is very likely that your grief will turn into hope.