Image Does peace in the world go through individual peace?

Does peace in the world go through individual peace?

This philosophical question often arises when we talk about peace. Indeed, individual peace guarantees world peace. Why then? It will be seen thoroughly in this article. Moreover, the concept developed by Prem Rawat, a world-renowned ambassador of peace, tends towards this assertion.

Inner peace and peace with others

As we often say, there is a link between harmony with oneself and with others. Without inner peace, it is almost a cinch you will have trouble getting along with others. We are social beings, our torments are often due to external events.

And on the other hand, a person's emotions and behavior will have an impact on their relationship with others. In other words, a person at peace with himself is more inclined to be at peace with others and vice versa.

In addition, associations adopt this concept to preach peace in the world. They are meant to help everyone to be at peace with their own person so that world peace can be easily established. Thus, to preserve this world peace, the people targeted by these associations in question are: 

  • Prisoners, 
  • The leaders,
  • Civilians, 
  • Politicians, etc.

Individual peace to avoid conflicts

A person who is serene and at peace with himself is most likely to avoid conflict with anyone. Indeed, conflicts are the outside manifestation of the negative emotions that invade a person. Therefore, it is unavoidable if the person is ill at ease or has personal problems.

Moreover, a conflict is always born of a dispute or a tension when there is a divergence of ideas between two individuals or two parties and no agreement or compromise can be reached. But most often, conflicts are dragged into tense moments and put an end to the calm everyone is dreaming of. All this is caused by a person's inner problems such as an ego which is too boosted.

Thus, we can say that each individual's state of mind is the starting point for lasting peace. This is valid for all situations, at family level or even globally. Thus, by avoiding conflicts, peace is automatically established.

World peace springs from individual peace

According to a more realistic approach, everyone's peace ensures world peace. Why? We can take an example that if peace reigns in every household and every neighborhood, there will be civil peace. It will then get bigger and reach a whole community, then a nation. A country that lives in peace will be in continuous development.

To ensure that, peace makers are ready to do anything to preserve this evolution and all that effort will finally lead to world peace. Unfortunately, many are those who do not consider this as possible.

That's why some ambassadors like Prem Rawat keep giving messages of peace to restore world order. Although this ideal has not yet been adopted by all to ensure world peace and conflicts still exist, many organizations are founded to preserve, or at least bring about, world peace.

Most actions are doomed to fail and seem to be only wasted time. The situation is not as hopeless as the worldwide trend tends to make us believe. Things can change even in some countries where internal peace is not even in the place.